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About Us

Continuous Innovation in Welding Technology

Over the last decade, we have continually improved our welder and plasma cutter functionality and performance to keep up with the ever-changing world of welding technology. Even the big welder manufacturers have faced challenges keeping up with our innovative and quick response to fluctuating market trends.

High Standards and Ethical Production

We oversee every production run of our welders and plasma cutters in China at factories chosen for their high standards, ISO compliance, employment ethics, and technological expertise.

Best-Selling Welding Equipment

Our welding equipment, including MIG welders, TIG welders, plasma cutters, and consumables, are best-sellers in the welding industry. Everlast is known for designing the best MIG welder with detailed craftsmanship, providing excellent finishing and high-quality weld results.

Engineered for Excellence

We have specifically engineered all our welding equipment with innovative technology to ensure high-quality welding efficiency for skilled welders. These high-class devices are compatible with demanding applications and high amperage output without losing scalability. Our welders are designed with the highest quality components to maximize durability and performance, allowing welders to produce fine welds in no time.

Affordable and Versatile Products

Our company works smarter by eliminating internal waste and avoiding huge marketing campaigns, bringing you affordable, versatile welding products that don’t cost thousands more.

Local Service in Canada

We service our welders and plasma cutters locally in Canada at our Hamilton location, usually within one week of receipt, ensuring you get quick and reliable support.

Elevate your welding experience with precision, durability, and exceptional results.

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