Power I-MIG 253DPi


  • Digitally Controlled IGBT Inverter
  • MIG/Stick function -Standard, Synergic, Single Pulse, Double Pulse MIG -Stick Function
  • Spool Gun and Push-Pull Ready (Not Included)
  • 250A MIG/250A Stick maximum output
  • 60% Duty Cycle at 250A MIG/250A Stick
  • .030"-.045" standard wire capability for Synergic mode
  • Adjustable inductance/arc force
  • Volt, Amp and Memory displays
  • Use 8" or 12" spools
  • Euro-Quick Connect for the 36 series MIG gun
  • AK36 North MIG Gun installed with a Yellow STEEL Liner for wire/tip sizes 1.2/1.6mm (.045/.060") (subject to change)
  • Aluminum Push/Pull capable

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Power I-MIG 253DPi $2,550.00

The Power i-MIG 253DPi features the latest in inverter based, pulse MIG technology.  This welder is ideal for welding aluminum and bronze brazing activities in the automotive industry.  It features two types of synergic pulses: Single and Double. In shops such as auto body repair,  where new alloys require special welding and brazing processes to repair frames and panels safely, Single Pulse is perfect for control heat and wet in and burn through of heat sensitive metals where HAZ issues are a concern. With Single pulse, increased production speed welds are possible without overmelting, allowing for out of position welding of aluminum.  Double pulse features a “stair-stacked” pulse which features the ability to stack the single pulse into two basic layers, helping to form a “stack of dimes” TIG look in the weld.  This is ideal for welds where appearance and strength are of equal importance and is required for best possible appearance without resorting to TIG.   The unit can also be used in a synergic MIG mode without pulse and a basic non-pulse, non synergic mode as well, where full control over all parameters are possible manually.  To prevent crater cracking and cold starts, the unit has several features which include slope up, hot start and down slope.  Pre and post flow are standard features as well, which help prevent porosity at the beginning and end of welds where flaws are common.  If you find a program you like in a manual setup mode, you can easily save it with the unit’s capacity to store 9 major programs.  The unit is programmed with a possible 40 different, well designed and tested synergic programs for standard and pulse MIG operation.   Companies and individuals who are looking for the consumate professional MIG machine will appreciate the ability  to fine tune the arc even while in synergic mode, which is a characteristic of all Everlast synergic capable MIGs.  The Power i-MIG 253DPi is competetively prices, making this one of the most affordable and capable pulse MIG welders on the market.  There’s no longer any need for a company or individual to spend $10,000 or more on a special welding machine to repair modern alloys. The machine can be used to weld aluminum, bronze, steel, or stainless. The Supplied AK36 MIG Gun is installed with a Yellow STEEL Liner for wire/tip sizes 1.2/1.6mm (.045/.060″) (subject to change) When welding aluminum, the standard gun works well, but an optional spool gun or push-pull gun can be used to feed wire from .030″ to .045″ in diameter.

Features & Benefits
  • Synergic GMAW-P/SMAW Operation (MIG/Stick)
  • Single Pulse and Double Pulse MIG
  • Synergic GMAW-P/SMAW Operation (MIG/Stick)
  • Single Pulse and Double Pulse MIG, fully synergic with synergic and non-synergic basic MIG mode (non-pulse)
  • Industrial duty cycle of 60% at 250
  • Burn back control
  • Heavy Duty Cast aluminum feed mechanism with true 4 roll driven feeding
  • Euro Quick connect series 36 MIG gun (Binzel/Trafimet compatable)
  • AK36 MIG Gun installed with a Yellow STEEL Liner for wire/tip sizes 1.2/1.6mm (.045/.060") (subject to change)
  • Arc force control useful for fine tuning arc characteristics in MIG and Stick modes
  • Dual Digital Display allows precise and repeatable setting of welding parameters
  • Save up to 9 favorite programs
  • Uses a 12" (30-44 lbs) roll of welding wire, or can use an 8" (10-12 lbs) with available adapter
  • Digitally Controlled IGBT Inverter with programmable memory
  • Stick weld function
  • Spool Gun and Push/Pull Gun capable (Not Included)
  • Unit Dimensions: 28" x 11" x 19"
What's Included
  • 36 Series MIG Gun with 3m Cable and Euro Style Quick Connect  ** Installed with a Yellow STEEL Liner for wire/tip sizes 1.2/1.6mm (.045/.060")
  • Work clamp with 3m cable and 35 series DINSE style connector
  • Stick Electrode Holder with 3m Cable and 35 series DINSE style connector
  • Everlast Argon Regulator
  • Teflon Liner
  • Spool Adapter
  • 1.8m Power Input Cable with 6-50 NEMA Style Plug (240v)
Tech Specs
Digital/Micro-controlled IGBT Inverter
Output /Process Type:
MIG, Stick
220/240 V 1 PHASE
Max Rated MIG Amps:
Max Rated Stick Amps:
MIG Amps/Volts @ Rated Duty Cycle:
  • 250A/26.5V @ 60% Duty Cycle/ 40º C
  • 200A/28V @ 100% Duty Cycle/ 40º C
Stick Amps/Volts @ Rated Duty Cycle:
  • 250A/26.5V @ 60% Duty Cycle/40º C
  • 200A/28V @ 100% Duty Cycle/40º C
 Max Inrush ( I1MAX ) Amps:
Maximum Rated (I1EFF ) Input Amps:
MIG Output Range:
40-250A/ 16-30V
Stick Output Range:
Variable MIG Inductance/Stick Arc Force Control:
Spool Gun Capable:
Yes, Optional (Not Included)
Double/Pulse on Pulse
Pulse Frequency:
10-250 Hz Single Pulse Mode, 0-9.9 Hz Double Pulse
Pulse Time On:
Synergically controlled
Pulse Volts:
Synergically controlled with Voltage offset
Standard Drive Roll wire size:
 .040" and greater
Separate wire feeder:
No, self contained
Number of Drive rollers:
Max Wire Feed Speed:
Max Wire Roll Diameter:
12" (full size up to 44lb)
Preflow time:
Post Flow Time:
Flux Core:
Yes, Optional
2T/4T /Torch latch/Trigger:
Other Features:
  • 9 Program Memory
  • E 6010 Stick
  • Spool gun and Push pull gun capability
  • Hot Start Time 0-2 Seconds
  • Hot Start Intensity 0-100%
  • MIG Inductance 0-100%
  • Synergic and Manual basic MIG modes
  • Synergic Single Pulse and Double Pulse MIG modes
  • Extra Drive Rolls included .023"-.045" Hard Wire
  • Burn Back Control 0-2 Seconds
  • Synergic Pulse
Minimum Maximum
  • Weld up to a maximum of 1/2" in a single pass weld (steel)
  • Weld over 3/4" in multiple pass welds
  •  Weld a minimum of 24 gauge
Optional Equipment
  • Spool Gun
  • Liners
  • Push Pull gun
  • Flux Core drive rolls
  • Aluminum U groove drive Rolls
  • Welding Cart