Welding Cart


  • Welding Repair
  • Motor sports/ Automotive
  • Construction/HVAC
  • Commercial maintenance
  • Fabrication/machine shops

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Welding Cart $175.00

This Everlast rugged welding cart has been designed with welding needs in mind. It comes with three shelves designed to hold most of our Everlast welders on the top shelf and our Everlast water cooler on the bottom shelf.  The top shelf is up-angled for easy access to your unit physically and visually.  The center shelf is built to hold miscellaneous items such as filler wire, consumables or even clamps and hammers. Additional hooks on the side of the cart, enable hanging of cables and hoses.  The cart’s rear panel is sized to hold full size gas cylinders that can be safely secured with the included chain.  The welding cart requires about 30 minutes of assembly time using basic tools such as screwdrivers, an adjustable wrench and pliers. 

This cart will not fit our PowerMTS 275 Lightning.

Features & Benefits
  • Shelving designed for easy access and viewing
  • Heavy duty wheels allow for easy push and pull around your shop
  • Designed for easy storage of your Everlast welder, water cooler, gas tank and consumables or tools.
  • Heavy gauge steel for durability.
  • Large shelves that support the length and weight of most Everlast PowerTIG and PowerPro welders
  • Structure resists accidental tipping
  • This cart is designed specifically for PowerTIG's, PowerPro's, Plasma Cutters and Stick Welders.
  • Following MIG Units will work on this cart: PowerCyclone 140E, PowerCyone 200E
  • Please refer to our MIG Cart for MTS and larger MIG units.
Short Description Three shelved welding cart with up-angled top shelf for easy viewing and adjustment of welder panel Dimensions in photo above: (L x W x H) Top Shelf: 23" x 13" Middle Shelf: 21.5" x 13" x 9" Bottom Shelf: 23" x 13" x 16" Bottle Holder: 13" x 12.5"